2 Facial Rinses To Soothe Your Skin After A Non-Cancerous Mole Removal Procedure


Noncancerous moles are commonly experienced by a number of people. They come in a number of different shapes and sizes; therefore, smaller ones can often go unnoticed for a long period of time. If you have a fairly noticeable noncancerous mole, then a mole removal procedure will help. The procedure can be performed by cutting out the mole or shaving it down. Whichever method is used, the skin may be left feeling irritated. After a few days, any redness or irritation will reduce on its own. Until then, there are a few facial rinses that you can use to help calm your skin after a mole removal procedure.

Passion Flower Facial Rinse

Passion flower is frequently used to help individuals who suffer from anxiety. The herb is considered to be a natural sedative. It helps to relax and soothe stress points throughout your body. When used as a topical treatment, it can help to calm inflamed and irritated skin. To use the passion flower, place a spoonful of the dried herb in a cup and fill that cup with water. Allow the herb to steep for at least an hour, then reheat the mixture in a microwave. Place a clean cloth in the mixture and wring out any excess moisture. Apply the cloth to the site of your mole removal. Keep the cloth on the site until it turns cold. Repeat this process throughout the day in order to keep your skin under control.

Ashwagandha Root Facial Rinse

Ashwagandha root is considered to be a mild sedative. The root is frequently used as a way to relieve stress and relax tight muscles throughout your body. Ashwagandha root can be converted into a facial rinse that can be used to soothe your skin after your mole removal procedure. Start by adding several spoonfuls of dried ashwagandha to a pot of water. Wait for the mixture to boil, then set it aside to cool. Strain the herb from the mix and dip a clean cloth in the ashwagandha facial rinse. Wring the cloth dry and apply it to the site of your mole. Hold the cloth over the surgical site for at least thirty minutes. Repeat this process in the morning and at night to keep your skin calm.

Dealing with aggravated skin after your mole removal process is completed can make the healing process frustrating. Therefore, use these topical treatments to help ease any discomfort. For more information, contact Northwest Dermatology or a similar location.


22 June 2016

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