Want To Have Clearer Skin? Learn How To Combat Acne


Have you suffered from acne for several years? Although dealing with blemishes and blackhead is frustrating, there are some steps you can take to start clearing your face and getting the skin you have always wanted.

Control the Oil on Your Skin

Your breakouts may be caused by an excessive amount of oil on your skin. If you have the type of skin that gets oily only a few minutes after washing your face with a gentle cleanser, it is important to always use oil-blotting sheets. You can carry these sheets around with you and use them to wipe away the excess oil throughout the day. Even if you are wearing makeup, the sheets will remove the oil and dirt without removing your concealer or foundation.

If you are going to use makeup, choose oil-free products. Both high-end brands and drugstore brands offer oil-free options.

Use Homemade Spot Treatments and Masks

Instead of spending money on products that do not work effectively on your skin, consider using some homemade spot treatments and masks. For example, you can crush aspirin with a teaspoon or two of water and create your own spot treatment paste. If you have a large pimple appear on your face, simply apply the aspirin paste on top of the blemish and leave it on overnight. It should look smaller and less noticeable in the morning.

Along with using an affordable and effective aspirin paste, you can make your own face mask using a tablespoon of organic raw honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice. You would need to mix the two ingredients together, apply to clean skin, and leave it on for about 30 minutes. You can apply the mask at least once a day in an attempt to fight acne and reduce the marks that those unwanted blemishes tend to leave behind.

Meet With a Dermatologist

If you are still having trouble with your skin, making an appointment with the dermatologist is in your best interest. The dermatologist would check your skin and talk to you about treatment options based on the severity of your acne.

There are some effective acne products that are not available in drugstores. For example, the dermatologist may recommend a Retin-A topical ointment for your blemishes. Although there are some products in drugstores that contain this ingredient, the dermatologist could prescribe an ointment that is stronger than anything you can get without a prescription

No one should have to deal with acne for the rest of their life. If you have dealt with it for several years and are not sure what to do, consider using oil-blotting sheets as often as possible and try some homemade treatment options. If your acne does not get any better, you can get professional advice from a dermatologist like those at Heibel Dermatology.


1 July 2016

Understanding Dermatology Concerns

When I started taking my skincare regimen more seriously, I started carefully evaluating my daily routine. I realized that I wasn't taking care of my skin like I should, so I met with a dermatologist to talk about the details. My skin doctor was incredibly kind and caring, and he did everything he could to explain what my skin needed. He started me on a skincare regimen that started that day, and I could tell that he was on to something. Within a few months, my skin looked clean, clear, and incredibly healthy. This blog is all about understanding dermatology concerns and knowing how to address serious problems.