What To Do Before You Get Botox


If you want to get botox, there are a few things that you need to do to ensure that the process goes smoothly for you.

#1 Let Your Doctor Know What You Are Looking For

The first thing you need to do is let your doctor know what you are looking for. Let your doctor know what type of botox you want to have performed. Let your doctor know what you are looking to get out of having botox done. You want to partner with a doctor who can share your vision, understands what you want done, and is willing to work with you towards your goals.

#2 Don't Hide Your Medical History

Second, it is vital that you are willing to share your entire medical history with the doctor you are planning on getting your botox from. Do not hide anything in your medical history. Botox is a serious procedure, and it is vital that you share all of your medical history with your doctor. Make sure that your doctor knows about any allergies that you have, any health conditions that you have and any major surgeries or procedures that you have had done. All of these can factor into your treatment. To ensure that your treatment is as safe as possible, it is extremely important that you are honest and provide your full medical history so you can get the best medical care. Botox is not just a shot; it is a medical procedure that you need to take serious.

#3 Make Sure That Botox Will Give You The Results You Want

Third, you need to check your expectations with your doctor. Make sure that botox is going to give you the results that you want. Keep in mind that botox is designed to give you shuttle results, it is not designed to drastically change your face. If you are looking for drastic changes, you may want to talk to your doctor about other medical options that are available to you.

#4 Check Your Expectations

Make sure that you have realistic expectations. Realize that getting botox done is not going to change your life; it is just going to shuttle change the part of your body that it is being applied to. Also, you need to keep in mind that it can take a while for your changes to happen. It may not be obvious the day after you have the treatment. Be prepared to wait for a while for the full effect to show.

#5 Stop Taking Blood-Thinning Medications

Finally, you need to stop taking any blood-thinning medications before your procedure. Blood thinning medications include the obvious, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, and the not so obvious, such as ginseng and vitamin E. Have your doctor go over all the medications and supplements that you should not take in the week or so leading up to your procedure.

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5 July 2016

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