3 Great Reasons To Visit A Dermatologist (Even If You Don't Have Acne)


Dermatologists specialize in treating conditions of the skin, hair and nails, and there are a number of reasons why you might want to visit one. Arguably the most popular reason people seek out dermatological counsel is because of acne on their face, chest or back. But that doesn't mean that being acne-free somehow disqualifies you from seeing a dermatologist. Keep reading below to discover three great reasons to see your local dermatologist as soon as possible.


There is nothing that escapes the effects of Father Time, and that includes your skin. As you age, you'll begin to notice -- in addition to the normal set of wrinkles -- things like age spots and discoloration. These are often the result of a number of different things including your diet, whether or not you're a smoker, and how much exposure to the sun you experience on a daily basis. Regardless, working with a dermatologist can see these issues improved or completely resolved and make you look several years younger.

Hair Loss

Another thing you a dermatologist can help you with is hair loss. This is an issue that a wide range of people deal with, from men who have inherited early hair loss genes to women who are experiencing a stressful pregnancy. Fortunately there are a number of solutions that a dermatologist can recommend, from everyday medication to surgery to laser treatment. Hair loss is something you want to be proactive about, so don't hesitate to contact a dermatologist if you are struggling with hair loss.

Skin Cancer

As frustrating as age spots and hair loss can be, at the end of the day they are both cosmetic issues that may or may not be a big deal based on personal preference. That said, dermatologists can also advise you on more serious topics. One of the most common of these is skin cancer, various types of which can be deadly if not caught early or treated properly. So if you have noticed a growth on your skin is that is discolored or irregularly shaped, you should immediately call your local dermatologist for a consultation. A quick check up -- even if you think the growth isn't a big deal -- can mean the difference between immediate treatment and much more serious consequences. Even if it costs you more than you would like, there's no reason to avoid seeing a dermatologist if you notice a growth.

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13 February 2017

Understanding Dermatology Concerns

When I started taking my skincare regimen more seriously, I started carefully evaluating my daily routine. I realized that I wasn't taking care of my skin like I should, so I met with a dermatologist to talk about the details. My skin doctor was incredibly kind and caring, and he did everything he could to explain what my skin needed. He started me on a skincare regimen that started that day, and I could tell that he was on to something. Within a few months, my skin looked clean, clear, and incredibly healthy. This blog is all about understanding dermatology concerns and knowing how to address serious problems.